The Manufacturer of Metal Jewellery since 1991.

FAS Rakousy Ltd was founded at 1991 like a small family manufacturer of metal jewellery and other press parts. Now we are using technologies for toolmaker, engraver, pressing and centrifugal cast of zinc and tin alloy.


FAS Rakousy manufactures semi-finished products for jewelery production, semi-finished products for chandelier production, buttons, rank markings for Police, Army, Fire Rescue System, advertising products for companies and institutions, orders, insignia, medals, badges, emblems, key pendants, tie clips and An important item is the technical production of various parts for electronic sensors, markings, punches, etc.

Toolmakers work on CN machines, milling machines, lathes, drills, grinders and other machine tools. The engravers use for their work CNC machines - gravograph, for manual work - pantograph, plunger and various specific single-purpose machines for finishing stamps, models and originals as an input and basic product for the future production of metal jewelry.

After the production of semi-finished products by casting, or stamping or machining, we further refine and process the products. For example, grinding, polishing, tumbling, soldering, welding, scoring, beading, etc.

We surface treat these prepared products galvanically, anodized, sandblasted and perform finishing work such as painting, assembly, assembly and packaging.

Another technology we use is screen printing. We print on galvanically treated semi-finished products and cover the print with polyester - resin, anti-abrasion of the motif and visual tuning. This technology mainly produces badges, key chains, pocket badges and plaques.

With our tooling capacity, we are not only able to service our products, but we also design and manufacture tools for clients with a completely different production focus than metal jewelery.

We carry out custom production according to the proposals submitted by us or prepared by us.

The material we process is stainless steel, aluminum, brass, brass alloys, tombac, steel and also precious metals - gold and silver. Centrifugal casting is another technology that we use in our company for castings from tin and zinc alloys.