We are specialists in the custom production of pressed metal parts.

Tell us your idea - we will make it a reality.


You can either describe your idea to us or draw it directly.
We will then create a computer preview or model, or a sample of the product, and after approval, we will create a finished product with all the required finishes.
We can also arrange, pack or otherwise prepare the product for you.
It all depends on your idea.

We work with these metals










Electroerosiv maschining

We use CNC wire-cutting machine FANUC alfa - C400iA and CNC wire-drilling machine SY-2030 . 2D Dokumentation is a ground for our work. We are abble to work with paper dokumentation and with elektronic too.

We can produce tools of progressive and complex shapes with an accuracy of thousands of millimeters thanks to wire cutting - electroerosive machining. We can also cut at an angle of up to 12 ° on a wire cutter. On wire cutting, we can also produce individual parts for a tool that you already have functional and a component will break or otherwise break.


We produce many kind of tools : bending, cutting, punching and pressing tools for metal parts and jewellery. With our knowledges and experiences we are abble to design and build complicated consecutive tools too.

We are also able to produce, in the production of cast semi-finished products, rubber for casting from tin or zinc. We are able to draw, construct and produce samples of the tools according to your requirements. With our many years of experience in the production of dies and tools, we will try to produce any product according to your requirements and ideas.

We will be happy to advise you on what would be best for your idea. We try to work everything down to the smallest detail.

cnc engraving

Do you want to engrave a dedication to the medal, eg "Mother", a number, a label for cups, or any other text in a metal pad? This is not a problem for us. In our company we have 2D and 3D gravograph.

We use 2D and 3D CNC engraving maschine Gravograph. If you need engrave some text or something other to the scutcheon or medal or any other part. We are abble to engrave 3D plastique or Relief.

Metal engraving

Engraver create matrices for pressing.

Especially for medals and badges. He is starting with the sketch, continue with a plastermodel and finish with the steel original.

The best proof of our competence is the realization of replics historical honorary awards or carbrand labellings.

Centrifugal casting

Casting of Medals figures, buckles and other feasible components into the silicon mould. We use tin and zinc alloys, Max. diameter 80mm and thickness 12mm.

The realization complete with the original models and the silicon mould.


Mainly parts of brass, soft soldering with tin or silver solder or brazing with brass solder.

spot welding

Spotwelding of brass parts. Pin or nail with badge. That is mean tipical badge gripping.


Production of badges and plaques with the screen printing technology.

Press plant

We use many kind of presser: knee lever pressers with maximal strenght 250 ton, excentric pressers with maximal strenght 63 ton, frictional pressers with maximal strenght 200 ton, foot- and handcrafted pressers.